Blog #5 9/11 Conspiracies

by pols330: American Politics

The internet culture is an ever evolving collection like a diverse megapolis of truth, theatre, and fantasy. There are numerous alternative narratives explaining the events of 9/11/2011 causing considerable speculation. Some of the conspiracy theories found on the internet include: 

The photographs of the Pentagon Boeing crash are not authentic and inconsistent with the official explanation of the events that transpired there. Skeptics questions why the American Airlines plane was not intercepted prior to impact with the Pentagon. Further, questions have arisen as to why the Pentagon was damaged only in vacant areas which were under renovation. Skeptics believe the impact of an airline on the Twin Towers did not result in collapse, but the towers were destroyed by controlled explosions. Conspiracy theorists believe that the Twin Towers were demolished by bombs and that then President George W. Bush was a part of this conspiracy. The Building 7 collapse hours later, is postulated as a controlled demolition, while reported official explanations are inconsistent with physical structure of the building as evidence.

The Shanksville, Pennsylvania hijack was questioned and evidence inconsistent with official reports. Elaborate schemes have evolved surrounding Flight 93.  One theory states that the stock market traders were “tipped” off that the attack would occur and subsequently profited.  The US Air Defense Command NORAD did not respond to the hijacking and were instructed to “stand-down.”

The 9/11 Commission Report is an investigative report of findings of the facts and circumstances surrounding the tragedy and its details. This is an official account of the enemy, the planes and hijacking events, the passengers and flight crews, and their response. Homeland defense and security responses are included in the report, and detailed accounts with transcriptions of conversations aboard each flight. Military notifications, responses by the FAA and NEADS, and evaluation of the commanders and officers management of national alerts system are contained in the 9/11 Commission report. Questions surrounding the adequacy of response and inaccuracies are reflected, as well as discrepancies within the accounts given, including communications, and that the official emergency response system was overwhelmed. A global strategy is outlined within the report to include recommendations. The Patriot Act was enacted with surveillance laws, and has received intense criticism for being imbalanced procedurally and contrary to civil liberties and freedom in the name of obstructing terrorism.

The litany of 9/11 conspiracies may be justified. The argument is far too complicated for me to address individual details with accuracy, but instinctually the repeatedly questions and doubts arose while listening the eyewitness accounts and descriptions of the “explosions” in the film “Loose Change”. 

There was a time when the AIDS epidemic was said to be a CIA conspiracy, or a gay conspiracy, it was once believed to be contracted while kissing. Endless discussions and unfounded conclusions led to the development of numerous misconceptions and fears. Many years later AIDS is known to have originated in the Congo resulting from an infection transmitted from a primate to a single man early in the 20th century. Due to the magnitude of the 9/11/2001 event, one day we will know with certainty what really happened.   

 BC Lawai Pog